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Continuous learning is a critical component of the human resources field. Whether you’re fresh off an HR degree or a seasoned Human Resources Director, there are always opportunities for continuing education to maintain or improve the standing of your HR certification. At Your Workplace, we’re proud to provide a resource for Canadian HR professionals to stay up-to-date on formal educational offerings from around the country.

Interesting Articles

Develop a Learning Culture

Creating a learning culture in your organization is good for the bottom line, according to new research by Bersin Associates, a research and advisory services firm in enterprise learning, talent management, and talent acquisition….. Read more

Fallen Out of Love With Your Job? Rekindle Your Relationship to Work Through Ongoing Learning

At one time, it may have seemed that your job was continually changing and branching in new directions, but, more recently, you feel you are on a fast track to nowhere and you’re finding it difficult to come into work every day……

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The Value of Learning and Development

The value of investing in training is a hot-button issue for many businesses. While there’s little argument that companies have a need for skilled workers, many organizations question the value of investing in learning and development and often, training is made to take a back seat as a way for companies to relieve the strain on tight budgets…… Read more

Grit: The Eternal Learning Principle

Through learning, we progress. We fulfill the measure of our creation, have joy, and eventually return to our maker. So, how do we improve our capacity to learn? Learning seems to have two dimensions: the first is personal energy and passion, and the second is the ability to demonstrate a growth mindset…… Read more